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Stay Close To Jesus,
No Matter Where You Are

Hello, We're Adonai Baptist Church, and we're located in the heart of the Magic City called Miami. Congregationally, we've been in existence for 27 years! That, in and of itself is amazing, in lieu of the fact that many churches have risen and fallen quicker than this pandemic era that we're living through

We attribute three reasons for our level of successful worship:

1)  The Power of God unto Salvation;

2)  Our commitment to a strong biblical basis of both preaching and teaching;

3)  Our loving congregation's worship experience permeating in fellowship throughout the body of Christ.

We invite you to come and see why we're excited about the tangible reality of our faith in Christ. By the way, in the midst of these times of safe social distancing, you can check us out with our live services being broadcast on Facebook and Youtube. God both bless and keep you and yours, until we meet again!

When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message.

—Oswald Chambers

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