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Church Ministries

Adonai Baptist Church offers multiple ways to get involved.  


Sunday School

  • Evangelism, Bible Study, Church Growth

  • Sunday School in Action

  • Sunday School choir

  • Annual competition: Rewards, celebrations

Music Ministry

  •  Church Main Choir

    • Meets every Saturday at 1:00PM

    • And Sunday after church service except on the first Sunday of the month

  • Choir of the Archangels

    • Meets every other Thursdays @8:00PM

    • Meets every other Thursdays @8:00PM

  • Gospel Singers

    • Meets every Saturday @11:AM

  • Virtuous Praise

    • Meets every Sunday after church service @ 1:00PM

  • Children’s Choir

    • Meets every other 3rd Fridays: 6:00 PM

  • Men’s Choir

    • Meet every Sunday at 6:00 PM/Class de Lumiere

  • Women’s Choir

    • Meets every Sunday at 6:00 PM/Educational building

Prayer Ministry

  •  Prayer at Home

    • Every Mondays @ 8:00PM

  • Prayer meeting in the Sanctuary

    • Every Tuesday @ 8:00pm​

  • Fasting by the Group Sharon’s Rose

    • Every Wednesday @ 9:00AM-12:00PM

  • Fasting in the Sanctuary

    • Every Saturday @ 9:00AM-12:00PM

  •  Midnight Cry

    • Every Friday in the church sanctuary @ 9:00PM-12:00AM

Visitation Ministry

  • Every Wednesday and Sunday from diverse group

    • Homes, Nursing homes, Hospitals.

    • If you would like to participate please call 305 758-1001

Womens Ministry

  • Founded in 1994.

  • Now, has about 40 participants

  • Meets every Sunday at 6:00 PM at the church educational building.

  • In charge of the night service every other month

  • Promotes birthday celebrations and devotional time among the members.

  • Annual conference every 2nd week of March 

  • Shares talent in cooking, baking

  • Helps the maintenance crew to the church clean

Maintenance Ministry

  • Under the leadership of a Church member

  • Assisted at times by the women ministry

  • Church well sanitized, clean, disinfected after each service.

Childrens Ministry

  • Separate worship service, by age group

  • A dynamic team of teachers, assistants, helpers

  • Gathering, birthday celebrations, VBS, outings, Dade County Fair


                             Youth Ministry Forms 

          Please complete Kids Registration​ Form:




Mens Ministry

  • Founded in 1997.

  • Meet every Sunday at 6 pm  

  • Fellowship with each other

  • Shares their skills

  • Study the Word of God

  • Every other month in charge of evening service in the Temple.

  • Annual Conference every 2nd Sunday of January

Youth Ministry


  • January

    • Senior Pastor’s Birthday Celebration by Men Ministry/Annual Conference

  • February

    • Valentine Celebration & Black History Celebration

  • March

    • Women's Conference

  • April

    • Concerts put on by the Church Choirs 

  • May

    • Sunday School Leaders Dinner

  • June

    •  Sunday School Celebration/ Red Carpet Event

  • July

    • Youth Celebration - Bow Tie Event

  • October

    • Church Anniversary

    • Pastors Appreciation

  • November

    • Thanksgiving Celebration

  •  December

    • Christmas Celebration

*All programs are executed in a safe climate.  Cars are well protected and the premises are under high surveillance with monitoring by Cameras and a security guard. 

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