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About Our Church

Our Beliefs

Adonai Baptist Church, located in Miami, Florida, establishes its overall program on Jesus Christ and on the fundamental principles that have characterized most Baptists throughout their history.
Some elements of these beliefs are the following:
  • The sovereignty of God the Father who is all-powerful, all-loving, and all-wise;
  • The preeminence of Jesus Christ true God and true human, as the unique mediator between God and Human beings;
  • The inspiration of the Holy Spirit who helps human beings  understand God's truth and build a spiritual character;
  • The authority of the Bible and its sufficiency to influence faith and behavior;
  • The salvation that includes the transformation of the whole man  by grace and faith in Jesus Christ;
  • The Christian baptism by immersion and the participation in the Holy communion;
  • The respect of the first day of the week as the Lord's day;
  • The personal return of Jesus Christ to reward the believers and punish the unrighteous;
  • The autonomy of the local church and its power to cooperate with sister churches;
  • The urgency of an evangelization program seeking the salvation of the whole man.

Senior Pastor & First Lady

Rév. Dr. Mariot Valcin,


Greetings! My name is Mariot Valcin. I am the founder and Pastor of Adonai Baptist Church, located at 1299 NW 111th St. in Miami, Florida 33167. This is the place where I have been ministering for the past 27 years, which still seems like a few days ago!

Personally, like the Apostle Paul, I know the honor of suffering in God's vineyard with the hope to reign with His Son in glory. I left Haiti in 1991, under persecution, and came to America. Inspired by God, I started a small gathering with 12 people.  God has blessed our vision and presently, we have more than 500 worshippers on any given Sunday.

You might ask this question: how have we survived, and even thrived in the face of so many challenges and dangers, both seen and unseen? The only answer has always been: Faith in God. Have faith in God and stand on His Word!

Therefore, throughout these years, I have tried to develop an eclectic preaching style, that rests upon the Bible, but also uses literature, philosophy, human studies, among other fields, to corroborate the biblical points. This way, I have been able to nourish my congregants in the Word of God, in addition to providing them fundamental teachings.   

I have also received an outstanding contribution from my wife, Mrs. Eslie Valcin, who started the Church with me. She is a Clinical Social Worker and an achieved musician. With her tools, she has been instrumental in our analysis of personality trends among several church members and the advocacy for some very decisive counseling approaches.  Being also a musician, she leads one of our choirs in our Sunday Praise and Worship exercises.


After so many years, we cannot help but remember these words of Jesus Christ to John: "Feed my sheep". That's what we have been and still remain committed to by God's grace. You who thirst after the Word, please visit us and when you can't, tune-in to our services, which now can be found live on Facebook & Youtube each Sunday, from 11: 30 AM to 1:00 PM.


God bless you all!

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